Sneeze Guards

Stainless Steel and Plexiglass Sneeze Guards

Our Sneeze Guard is fabricated out of stainless steel and plexiglass, and is Made In The U.S.A.

Help maintain social distance and physical separation for your team by improving protection against coughs, sneezes, splashes, spills, sprays, and more with our stainless steel and plexiglass sneeze guard.

For many businesses and retail stores, adding a sneeze guard is an easy solution that will continue to function throughout this period. Our products can easily be installed to add protection in areas such as;

  • Cash Registers
  • Point of Sale Counters
  • Customer Service Desks
  • Checkout Areas

Durable and Professionally Made

We are a full service stainless steel fabricator, right here in the USA. We produce these sneeze guards and ship them directly to you using the same top quality materials and expert craftsmanship you’ll get with any of our other stainless steel products.

Custom Build or Standard Items

We have sneeze guard sizes and configurations ready to ship for a wide range of applications and usage situations. If you need a custom built sneeze guard, we can do that too!

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